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Replacement Parts

Replacement Parts

Origin Pre-2005

The founding firm has been active in SOWETO since 1988. It was established by Arthur Stanley and traded under the name of Auto Parts in Orlando East providing the community with a specific service need.

It was a time when trading was difficult. The nation, especially the people of SOWETO, was fighting for a just and democratic country. As a result of its understanding of the plight of the people, Auto Parts formed an integrated part of the struggle and was accepted by the community as a crucial service provider. THE LEGACY REMAINS.


The Leadership of the organisation is in the capable hands of its owners. It became apparent that in its quest to realise its vision, the necessity of placing suitably qualified persons, who share this Critical Success Factor of the Organisation, in the Leadership positions.

The founder member Arthur Stanley, with his vast experience and versatility in the buying and selling aspect of the industry, holds the position of Executive Director, Wholesale.

A search ensued and on May 01, 1999,Theo Slater, a respected commercial banker, and holder of an MBA (Wales) as well as a qualification as a Company Secretary, was appointed Financial Director of Replacement Parts to lead the organisation into the new millennium.

People Centred Philosophy

The organisation believes that PEOPLE are the greatest asset in their business venture. The organisation is committed to developing its 150 member workforce in order to achieve its aims and objectives. We believe that it is important for our business to: Attract Talent, Manage Talent, Develop Talent and most importantly, Preserve Talent.

We strive to: Create a Challenging Work Environment, Develop Opportunities, Engraft Life Long Learning Skills and Cultivate a Stable Performance Culture, amongst employees.

Our value focuses on: People, Professionalism, Performance and Integrity.

Replacement Parts Future

  • To be recognized as an Organisation with Independence, Vision and Foresight.
  • To make a positive contribution to the new era of economic transformation and growth.
  • The Organisation is looking forward to its sustained expansion by continually exploring new markets.
  • To commit ourselves to provide service excellence which will grow be the hallmark of our future success
  • To strive to procure and supply products of the highest standard of quality, at all times.
  • To meet and surpass the challenges set by our competitors and thereby creategreater prosperity for all our stakeholders.
  • To collaborate with all stakeholders in order to promote co-operative relationships.
  • To continue to pursue our desire to become a leader in the field, both locally and internationally.
  • To exercise absolute prudence with regards to its financial stability.
  • To continue conducting its business with total integrity.
  • To ensure that it maintains fair employment standards.
  • To develop competent and committed employees.